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When the Blinds Have Been Raised:

This is the best time to bet a slow hand early in any tournament. Most players will fold due to the initial shock of the minimum bet being raised. Many who are "fishing" will not fish until a few hands have been played with the new minimum bets and their comfort level has resumed. Also take note that many players will tighten up every time the blinds are raised, and aggressive players will start to bluff even less.

Players Who Raise Often:

    This is one of two things, a very strong player who is confident and experienced, or a very stupid player who plays only by the luck of the draw. Watch this player carefully during the first 5 or so raises. If they lose more often than not, you probably have a sucker. Be as a tiger, patiently waiting in the bush to attack. Take his money when you have a strong hand or the nuts.

    Confident players will often change up their game strategy during play. A supposed loose player will become tight for a few rounds, and then loose again. If you see a player that is playing too loose, occasionally bet big hands and slow them down. If you lose a big pot, you then have the opportunity to set them up for an all-in. Make them believe that you are even looser! One good hand will take their entire chip stack. By
purposely giving away a few small hands you can set them up for the big pot winner and often times bring other players into the stack as well.

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