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Bluff Less:

    It is harder to bluff on the internet than it is in person. Because of the limited tells, more often than not, players will play their hand rather than the person they are playing. This is not to say that it is impossible to bluff an internet holdem game, but be very selective when you do.

    Many players will only bluff bad hands, but I want to introduce to you the art of bluffing a good hand (commonly know as slow playing). Letís say that you make a significant raise and you get a caller. Assuming that you have the nuts (a hand that cannot be beat) check or bet the minimum on the next card. Very often, this will provoke an even bigger raise than you would have gotten had you bet heavy again. In this way you are bluffing your opponent with a winning hand and - maximizing your winnings.

    If you are attempting to bluff with a losing hand, it is wise to do so preflop and post-flop only. Continuing a bluff on the turn or river card is very dangerous unless you see a weakness in the caller. If you havenít bluffed them out by the turn card, chances are youíre not going to. I will say it again, conservative players win consistently when playing online. Believe this and bluff less.

Tournament Play:

    As a general rule you should play very aggressive in the beginning of a tournament. This is for two reasons. First, many beginners will hold and bet on nothing until they are eventually put out. Secondly, the blinds and minimum bets are very low allowing you to see more cards on the flop without loosing much of your stack. If you are going to chase cards (which you very seldom should), do it at the beginning of a tourney, but
never, NEVER at the end of a tourney.

    Be aware that other players will use this same tactic also. If you find yourself at a table where everyone seems to using this same strategy, play the opposite and take advantage of a loose table. The ability to constantly change up your playing style during a game is what separates the champions from the wanna-be's.

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