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Establish Yourself:

    After winning multiple hands, or one big hand, you become more powerful and intimidating to many of the players early in the game. The chip leader position will naturally demand respect from the rest of the table. Your bluffing power is greater and you can run out the weaker players easier.

    If you have been playing on a poker internet site for a while and a few people at the table recognize you as being a solid player, they will ultimately respect every hand you play. Your name alone will give you an edge. It is amazing how poorly some will play when they feel intimidated by another good player. I have seen some of the best internet players thrown completely off their game when they found out they were playing a pro from the WSOP.

    I recommend that beginners play a number of holdem websites and move around using different aliases until you can win on a consistent basis. Given, no person can win every tournament they play in, but you should get to where you can place in the top payout positions 3 out of 5 tournaments with 10 players or less before you should expect to establish yourself. As with any sport practice makes perfect.

Players Who Have Little To Lose:

    Call or bet against players with small chip stacks frequently. All-ins are common due to frustration coupled with the fact that they have very little to lose and very little to play for. Many times even a semi decent hand will beat someone in this situation. Watch the player carefully to determine if they are in fact acting out of desperation. If you have noticed that they have either checked or folded a number of hands while holding a low stack, this would lead you to believe that when they do finally bet the last of their chips, they have something pretty good to go with. If they go all-in right after a big loss, chances are they are ready to leave the table and just want to get it over with.

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