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All-in on No-Limit:

    If you go all-in on any hand and you do not have the nuts (a hand that cannot be beat) you might as well be playing a slot machine. Sure, the pocket Aces are the best possible hole cards, but when betting your entire chip stack before seeing a flop be advised that ANYTHING can happen. It is wise not to go all-in pre-flop regardless of what you have unless you are sitting at a very tight table.

    Some internet players will use the all-in as an attempt to bluff others out of smaller pots. Let them have it, because a small pot is really not worth the risk (commonly calculated as pot odds). If the size of the pot is substantial, and you have most of your chip stack in it already, AND you have a decent chance of winning the hand, then you should go all the way. But consider, trying to bluff a large pot with a weak hand will
usually result in a loss. As I stated earlier, beware of a player who has checked a bet, and then comes back with an all-in on the next turned card. Many times this is a sucker bet, don't be the sucker.

Finding The Right Table:

    You want to find a table with loose players. Look for tables where the players see the flop at least 60% of the time or better. The worst table to be at is one that has nothing but tight players seeing the flop 40% or less. Very tight tables lend to very small pots. When there are big pots involved you better have the cards and plenty of chips because it is almost impossible to bluff a tight table. Since you are learning to
becoming a conservative player your mission is to find all of the loose gamblers!

    When you have found a good table to play, watch a number of hands go around before you sit down. This gives you an opportunity to observe the playing styles of your opponents and will lend to some of the online tells I discussed earlier. Targeted the tight players, play more sequence straights and aggressively steal more blinds. When you see loose players in on a hand then YOU should tighten up - slow play, bait and trap, etc. Let them have the smaller pots and then hit them heavy with an all-in winner. Again, know your opponent, study his habits, and you will stand a better chance of taking all of his chips.

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