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    The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to play Texas Holdem online or offline is to stay within your comfort zone. You should never play for more chips than you are comfortable losing because the pressure will simply be too great for you to play effectively. Poker is a mind game. If you stay within your mental limits, the risk becomes less of an issue and you will play Holdem poker as it was meant to be played as a FUN game where you are in control of your emotions and your emotions are not in control of you.

    Often times I see players who enter big money tournaments that they had no business being in to begin with. Quite simply the larger tournaments with the bigger payouts attract the better players. If you are not at that same level of play as your opponents, you are simply donating your time and money for a lesson learned. If you cannot consistently win at a $20 buy-in table, then why should you loose more money at the $50 tables? Always know your limits and always play responsibly.

    There you have it. Countless hours of internet Texas Holdem have been played in order to bring you these game winning observations. Many of the principles I have covered in this eBook may simply be regarded by some as common poker sense, but I feel the need to stress these principles once again due to the fact that so many Texas Holdem players on the internet tend to abandon them. You can effectively eliminate the majority of your competition online simply by following these guidelines. Create your own unique style of play and mix it up frequently, and I WILL see you at the final table!

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