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Winning on the flop:

    In the beginning of a tournament, watch the first 10 to 15 hands. If there have been 2 of a kind, 3 of a kind, and full house wins, you can bet that a straight is sure to follow soon. If you get an open end straight at this point, you should bet stronger than usual. This also works in reverse, for example, if a straight has won, 2 of a kind, and 3 of a kind has won
numerous times, bet on a full house showing very soon. You must carefully watch every hand that has been played and take note to the number of hands won that are shown to the table as well as "mucked" hands. Calculate these possibilities when predicting what will show next.

    Early in a tournament, you should use pre-flop betting to get a feel for the playing styles of the other players. Raising the bet by at least 3 times the minimum wager on the flop will usually make tight players fold. Also, many novice players will not call any type of raise to their hand before seeing the flop - even if they have a good starting hand. This type of betting can also slow down the blind stealer as well as aggressive players who play multiple hands while the blinds are low.

To Chat or not to Chat?:

    Some players like to use chat very often. This is no different than the lounge player who likes to “trash” talk during the game and keep you distracted. Sometimes they will remark only to anger you, trying to get you to play to their hand. Other times they will befriend you, hoping that you become less aggressive in your betting towards them.

    If you are serious about winning online Texas Holdem, turn off the chat, don't even open yourself up to the distraction. If you really want to talk and have a good time getting to know people, visit a designated CHAT room and save your money. Remember, if you are focusing your attention on the talk, your not focusing your attention on the players and
the cards they play.

    If you must chat (my wife can't help it - she loves to talk) then never disclose the truth about your previous hand. If someone asks you...LIE. Whatever winning hand they had, you had one better. If you had the nuts and couldn't be beat, then tell them you bluffed their socks off! The point is this, if they are analyzing your style (and they will) you have an opportunity to throw them off. Always keep them guessing. You do not want to be a predictable player.

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