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Playing Back to Back Hands:

If someone has just won on 3 of a kind, it is almost guaranteed that the
next hand will not win on 3 of a kind – this goes for any winning combination. While a full house can be likely, most often something completely different will win such as a low pair, a straight, a flush, or even a single high card. You must be constantly aware of the poker odds against you.

    Be very selective when betting back to back hands. There are times when you may feel a sense of “domination” and become more aggressive in your betting - eventually losing a big pot.


Never let your emotions dictate your strategy!


    The only exception to this rule would be if you were a substantial chip leader or established player and the other players were reluctant to call your larger bets. Then you can use your chip stack along with momentum to bully the table - although this is usually short lived.



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