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       Believe it or not, many poker players will tell you that folding is an art just like bluffing is. This section will definitely raise a lot of eyebrows, but all I can say is donít knock it until you try it. It is possible that if you folded every hand and never played a flop (except for the forced blinds), you could finish in the top 1/2 of most internet tournaments. Yes, you read that right. Try it for yourself, play a money game with 9 other people with the intention to fold every hand, and often times you will end up in the top 1/2.  How is that for an instant improvement in your game?

    I simply call it conservative play and if you haven't figured it out by now, it is one of the biggest secrets to winning consistently online. Remember when I said that you do not have as many physical tells when playing online? It is because of this that you must condition
yourself to play your cards more often than you play the other people at your table. Believe me, I know how hard it is to lay down an Ace/King with a big pot show - but when a tight player is betting heavy on the board low straight - I save my chips and fold. It is human nature to want to think a bluff is going down and nothing will beat MY good cards. But I
can't see him. I can't see the shift in his eyes, the nervous finger tapping, the smirk on his face. I can't hear the tone of his voice. The only thing I can do is bet on the value of my cards in relationship to the cards on the table.

    Most online casinos have a stat tracker showing you how many times you fold (and when), how many times you see the flop, how many times you win, etc. When your fold percentage is high, you will more often than not get the cards you need to win that hand you have been waiting patiently for. Remember the motto? Minimize loses. Fold when in doubt and never chase cards - especially when the stakes are high.

    Players who continually chase cards end up broke. Call this odds, call this percentages, call it anything you want. I call it "knowing from experience that after I have folded 12-15 hands I usually get a good starting hand that almost never loses".

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