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"Could Haves":

    There are times when you fold, only to see a flop that would have given you a good betting hand. Watch this closely. First of all, this tells you that you missed your opportunity to win a hand. Most importantly, your odds of getting a good hand AFTER that are seemingly lowered due to perceived expectations. Always wait a few more hands before you bet strong again. Give yourself some time to get over the emotion of "missing out" so that you can get back to your game plan.

    The basic psychology behind this is simple: You feel that you have missed an opportunity; you then try to create another opportunity to compensate. More times than not, you loose your money trying to make something happen out of nothing. Be patient, your time will come around again and let the odds roll back in your favor. Never play out of frustration or with a sense of hopelessness. Keep your mind focused and constantly remind yourself that you are a winner. Positive thinking does wonders for your game (wonders for your life) and will reveal opportunities you would have otherwise never noticed.

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Flush showing on flop:

    I included this section apart from the others for a good reason. Unless you have at least one suited HIGH card to go with the flush, simply do not wager high on this type of hand. Get out while you can if there is any heavy betting action.

    Keep in mind, loose players will often chase the flush if they are holding only one suited high card and they see 3 more on a flop. If you are going to chase cards, then this is the only time I would recommend it. Typically you should hold nothing less than a suited Ace, King, or Queen if there are 8 players or more, Queen to Ten when there are 5 or less. I have talked to a number of great players about the “bad beats” they have taken, and a flush draw is one of the favorites. As stated earlier, this is usually how the pocket Aces end up getting “shoved”. High card flush hands win some of the largest pots of every game.

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