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Bankshot Billiards 2 Cheats

Tip: Easy Bankshot Ultimate Hustler Achievement.

After losing a turn, quickly pause game play and return to the main menu.
If you time it correctly, the game will not count your loss against breaking your consecutive shark count.
Shark five games for an easy Bankshot Ultimate Hustler Achievement.


Unlockable Achievements and Gamerscore

Access Unlockable : 8-ball Shark 15g
How to Access: Finish 5 games of 8-ball without losing a turn

Access Unlockable : 9-Ball shark 15g
How to Access: Finish 5 games of 9-ball without losing a turn

Access Unlockable : Bankshot Amateur 5g
How to Access: Win 5 games

Access Unlockable : Bankshot Billiards Addict 25g
How to Access: Play 200 games

Access Unlockable : Bankshot Champion 15g
How to Access: Win 50 games

Access Unlockable : Bankshot Hustler 25g
How to Access: Win a total of 50 games in any game mode, not including 3-ball, without losing a turn.

Access Unlockable : Bankshot Pro 10g
How to Access: Win 25 games

Access Unlockable : Bankshot Ultimate Hustler 40g
How to Access: Shark 5 consecutive games of 8-ball, or 9-ball, or cutthroat, or Euro 8-ball, or 14.1 Continuous.

Access Unlockable : Lucky Break 5g
How to Access: Win game of 9-ball by sinking 9 ball on break.

Access Unlockable : Pro Golfer 15g
How to Access: Score under par on all golf tables.

Access Unlockable : Trick Shot Master 15g
How to Access: Finish 50 or more trick shots.



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