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"Gun" cheats

Unlimited health:
Go to Dodge City. Go to the lower part of the bridge. Follow the path on the other side to reach a beach cave. Look inside for a life power-up which will reappear over time after you leave the area. Note: The cave also contains ammunition and money.

Easy money:
You can make more money on the bounty hunter side missions by capturing bounties alive. When you
find a wanted poster that offers more money if you capture them alive and are having trouble doing so, use the following trick. Kill all gang members or bodyguards (if any). If the bounty is on a horse, kill the horse. Get close and melee attack. This will stun the fugitive and present an opportunity to grab them using LB. Then, press X to subdue the fugitive. This awards you more money for each bounty. If you press LB accidentally and release him, you can try to melee him and grab him again. However, if you do this too many times or if he has been shot, you may kill him and get less money.


Faster riding:
Hold (Dash) while repeatedly jumping your horse to travel about double the speed.

Unlock Magruder's seven barrel Nock gun:
Successfully complete story mode to unlock Magruder's seven barrel Nock gun.

Unlock .69 Ferguson Rifle:
Defeat Hollister.

Unlock Apache Shirt:
Successfully complete the Hunting missions.

Unlock Dual Peacemakers:
Defeat Reed.

Unlock Silver Spurs:
Successfully complete the Pony Express missions.


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