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NHL 2K6 Tips and Cheats

Easy goals:

To score easily, when the view is pointing down take a slap shot in your opponent's side of the ice. Try to go from one side of the rink (by your opponent's net) and go across as fast and as close as possible without letting the goalie hit your puck away. You do not need to do a power shot; just tap Shoot quickly.


how to do TOP SHELF BOMBERS* - many call these cheap, however if someone uses these on you, do the following below...

How to score top shelf goals -> Set Shot Aim to "Manual" > Controls to "Advanced" ...

Line up directly in front of the goalie anywhere in front of the blue-line, and hold down LT (left trigger) briefly while shooting (LT + tap x). Aim with the left toggle ... The entire move is LT + Left Toggle upleft or upright + quick "X"  --- it takes some getting used to, *manual + advanced* are required for this. Play around on an easy opponent or against one of your buddys and once you get it, you will be lethal!

Play Rough! - Set your Roughness settings higher than the default. Powerplays are overrated in this game, you will allow fewer goals and win more games if your team is rougher and checks more!

Make sure to change your settings before every game, because normally it switches back to Auto-Aiming and other defaults.



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